Three Venue Ideas For Planning A Sweet 16 Party

Your teen's sweet 16 is a special occasion, and you may want to celebrate it with a special party. Finding the right venue is an important part of making your child's sweet 16 a memorable event. If you are considering throwing a party, here are a few venue ideas to consider for the special day.

Reception Hall

For a fun yet traditional party, consider renting a room at a local reception hall, such as at McHale's Events & Catering. These rooms typically come with a dance floor as well as seating areas for a sit-down meal. Look for a venue that offers all-inclusive packages featuring room rental, decorations, catering, and the birthday cake, as this can help to take some of the stress of party planning off of your plate. Some reception halls even offer personal party planners to help ensure everything is perfect for your teen's party.

Roller Rink

Have fun with a themed party by hosting your teen's sweet 16 at a local roller rink. You can make this a costumed event by having everyone dress up in clothes popular in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. If you are planning a themed party, work with the DJ to create a playlist that reflects the theme, and use decorations that reflect the theme. For example, a 1980s party might include a cake decorated to look like a boom box and you might choose table centerpieces shaped like arcade games. Don't be afraid to get creative with this venue by adding fun decorations.

Shopping Mall

Why not celebrate your child's teenage years with a trip to the mall? A birthday party at the shopping mall can be a great way for your child to spend time with friends and celebrate in a unique way. Work with the mall's management to find a private room you can use for the birthday meal and dessert, and consider creating a scavenger hunt for the main entertainment at the party. The guests can split up into teams and search for clues throughout the mall, and you can give away gift cards as prizes. Be sure to discuss the scavenger hunt with the mall and the managers of any stores you'll be visiting to make sure that everyone is on board.

Talk to your teen about what he or she wants for the party, and discuss these venue options to see if any are a hit with your teen. With a little bit of planning, you can create a fun and memorable sweet 16 party.

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