Box Lunch, Buffet Or Full Service: Choosing A Barbecue Catering Style For Your Event

Whether your event is an impromptu business meeting, a sweet 16 birthday party or a "big game" get-together, bbq catering offers something for everyone. Your options may include box lunches, buffet style or full service. To determine which service will best suit your needs, consider what each has to offer:

The Box Lunch Style Barbecue Catering

This is the most simple and widely used method of basic catering when you need a fast option for providing a casual lunch on the go.

  • What does a box lunch typically consist of? This typically includes a casual barbecue-style lunch neatly packed in a convenient box. In a standard box lunch, you may receive a sandwich of choice, single serving chips and cookie. Some restaurants offer the deluxe box lunch catering which also includes a side salad. The sandwich may be pulled pork, barbecued turkey or honey ham, although menus will vary.

  • When should you consider this catering style? Box lunch catering generally works well for casual meetings, field trips, tour groups and ballpark outings. Typically, you may order as many box lunches as you need, although some businesses may require a minimum order when delivery is requested. If you plan on taking the fun on the go, or you simple need a quick and easy lunch for a small to mid-sized group, this may be the best way to go. It's generally the most affordable option as well.

The Buffet Style Barbecue Catering

Just about everyone has experienced buffet style dining at some point. In a nutshell, a buffet style barbecue catering meal will allow your guests to serve themselves from a spread of various menu items.

  • What is the Buffet Barbecue Catering Comprised Of? Buffet style catering typically includes a main course such as pulled pork, ribs, brisket, burgers, chicken or pork. Sides often include potato and macaroni salad, cole slaw, rice or green salad. You may also receive corn bread or dinner rolls, beverages, and desserts such as cookies, pies or brownies.

    If you choose to have your catering buffet delivered, it may come complete with tableware and serving plates. Depending upon the establishment you choose, you may reserve a buffet table on-site if you wish. The meal may be placed in chafing dishes to keep the food warm until ready to be served.

  • What Events Are Suitable for the Buffet Catering Option? Buffet style works well with a large group, and it's most suitable for dinner parties, wedding receptions and business meetings. Buffets are generally set up on a buffet table, allowing your guests to serve themselves.

The Full Service Barbecue Catering

For personal service and attention to detail, the full service catering is the way to go. It's also the most costly, although if the budget allows, it can make for a memorable and professional impression on your guests.

  • What Does The Full Service Barbecue Catering Involve? The full-service catering option will often handle every aspect of your meal, from delivery and set up to actually serving the food to your guests. The service may also include recommendations for menu selection. The food may be meticulously prepared by chefs to your specifications. Menus may vary, but often feature the typical barbecue fare, including meats, sides, beverages and desserts. After your event is over, the service will include clean up.

  • When Is Full Service Catering Warranted? For a formal event with a large number of attendants, such as an anniversary, wedding or corporate meeting, a full service barbecue catered meal may be ideal. It's probably not your best option, however, if you must adhere to a budget.

Whether you need a simple catering order or a more elaborate offering, planning ahead can save you time and hassle. As always, it's best to call in advance with your inquiries and and reserve your order to avoid disappointment.

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